Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Indian Summer

This past weekend was so warm that we went to the shore to visit Matt’s family and—that’s right—swim! It was a great weekend. My sister came with us, and we stayed in a condo. Usually my mother-in-law cooks a huge amount of food, but she went out to dinner, so I made dinner for Mollie, Matt and myself. I love cooking for Mollie because she is not adventurous with food in general, but always trusts my cooking and tastes whatever I make. Still, I think about her tastes when cooking. The main attraction was one of my favorite meals for a cool summer night: Roasted Tomatoes and Cippoline Onions from Smitten Kitchen. Deb serves it over beans, and I love it like that! But Mollie insists she doesn’t like beans, so I just served it with Ciabatta bread, and it was fabulous.

Tomatoes and Cipoline Onions

As a delicious side, I served fingerling and purple potatoes roasted with garlic in olive oil. Yum! The only problem was that they dried out a bit in the 500 degree oven.

Finally, I sautéed some baby bok choy in olive oil and garlic. Ew! We hated it, especially the texture. I’ve never cooked it before, and I’m not sure I’ll try again.

Here’s the whole spread:

And here’s my dinner plate:

Then we went to Rita’s for dessert, where I negated the fact that dinner was vegan by getting chocolate custard mixed with banana ice. But it was worth it!


Beth said...

we'll come back for indian summer, then go our separate ways...

the food looks great! The tomatoes are so red it almost makes me wish I could eat them. Almost.

coffeedrinker said...

I personally vouch for its yumminess.

Mollie said...

The dinner was amazing!